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Know what is cat scratch fever

There are many people who don’t know too much in regards to the cat scratch fever and if you are some of those people, you should know that it is similar to the cat scratch disease and the bacteria that is causing it is called Bartonella. One of the many ways that you could get infected by the bacteria is to get bitten by a cat that already has this disease. Having an open wound that will come in contact with the saliva of an infected cat is also another way of contacting the disease.

The portion of the skin that will be coming in contact with the dangerous bacteria will be possible to be indentified by looking for a blister or a bump and this stands as the first sign hat you are infected. In just a few weeks after you have been bitten by the infected cat, you will be in for what is known as lymphadenopathy, meaning that your lymph nodes will begin to swell. These are a few of the signs that will let you in on the fact that you are an infected person with the Bartonella bacteria, so immediate medical help should be sought after in this case.

The feeling of fatigue will be another sign that will let you know that you are a possible Bartonella infected patient. On top of that, you will also be experiencing headaches and a discomfort in your body. In some cases, the ones who were infected have also gotten to suffer from fever, but these are just isolated cases.

Other cat scratch fever symptoms for people who are dealing with the disease are the evolution of the lymph nodes, resulting into a break in the patient’s skin. If you are someone who is dealing with this situation, you will also have a high chance of getting an enlarged spleen. In addition, soar throat, anorexia and weight loss are also symptoms that will let you in on the fact that you are dealing with an infection.

If you will see that some of these symptoms will be experienced by you or someone that you know, then you should make sure to head to your physician and ask him for advice in regards other treatments that you should consider. To see if you are dealing with an enlarged spleen, the ultrasound examination is the best way to find that out.

By taking the Bartonella henselae IFA test you will soon find out if you are dealing with an infection or not. You should know that the majority of such cases will not be serious and most of them will not require you to benefit from medical assistance.


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